We manage public relations because the best kind of publicity is free publicity. We take the initiative to develop and cultivate relationships with journalists, reporters, networking influencers and other public relation assets who have large audiences of consumers who would be interested in your business. 

By developing these relationships, we have articles written about your business, reporters cover stories or events to inform the community and get influencers to share posts about your business which provides incredible brand exposure. 

This has been proven to be an extremely effective tool at solidifying a businesses brand and driving new customers to your business. If a food critic with a large following base writes and shares an incredible review about your business, his entire audience will be exposed to your business. 

See examples below of the relationships we have developed and how public relations have translated into brand recognition, new customers, free advertising and most importantly- an increase in sales. 

Above is an article written by Hank, a food critic who runs his own website, HankOnFood. His audience primarily consists of Houston food lovers who are interested in finding new and exciting places to eat all the time.

We met Hank through twitter, and had him come to the restaurant for a free meal. We had an excellent conversation with him, told him about the story behind Saint Dane's and really emphasized on the points we wanted him to share with his audience.

Afterwards, he wrote the article pictured above. You can find it and read it by clicking here.