locally targeted advertisements

Advertising online is incredibly effective because you can target your advertisements to the people who would be most interested in your business.

Social platforms have a bigger audience than any television channel, magazine, newspaper, news channel or radio station. Facebook and other platforms have designed thousands of powerful tools that allow you to take advantage of this audience. Our marketers are certified by Facebook Blueprint, a course developed by Facebook that teaches about all the tools they offer and how to utilize them for the best results at the cheapest price. For our marketing purposes, we only use Facebook ads but are experienced in advertising on all platforms.

How does targeted advertising work?

Well, Facebook knows exactly who their users are. They know who their friends and family are, the schools they went to, the jobs they have and their relationship status.

They track the pages they like, the posts they interact with, the status's they share, the businesses they visit, and so much more. Facebooks advertising goal is to connect consumers with products that they are most likely to be interested in, and they've achieved this goal by developing targeted advertising and thousands of tools for you to find customers who would be interested in your products.

It can be overwhelming to unexperienced marketers because of the thousands of tools available, and we simply can't explain all of the tools on one webpage alone.