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Below, you can find an evaluation of Chili's Grill and Bar social media.

This page will give you an excellent understanding of exactly what we're offering you. (But not everything)

 It'll help you understand what good social marketing looks like, and what our goals are for you when it comes to managing your business's social media.

Converting Social Media Into Business


Chili's social marketing team is excellent- here is an example of the positive publicity a good social media post can bring your company.

Chili's team jokingly made a reference to "The Office," which vent viral, leading to over 45,000 re-tweets and 75,000 likes. This amount of exposure is huge for a business, and the numbers are most likely not even near the amount of impressions the post received.

You can see in the comments a customer left "never had a bad meal at Chili's"

A positive review like this, which is the top comment on a viral tweet, is going to be seen by thousands of people. This is the best kind of advertising a business can receive.

Here is a customers response due to the viral tweet.

This reinforces the fact that social media can improve business; here is one example of a success story, where Chili's social marketing team successfully brought in a customer who hasn't been to their restaurant in months.

You can see the customer says "back in my dining rotation!!" with excitement, and the value of his repeated business will add up over time.

When this is scaled to the thousands of potential clients a business has, it can really impact a company.

Promotional Posts and Customer Interactions

Below are several examples of posts that are meant to put the suggestion of visiting your restaurant out on social media for your followers to see; although it may not lead to hundreds of customers coming to your door every time, if one post leads to one sale, it's worth the time to post the photo.

Not only that, but you can quickly respond to negative and positive views. Through careful wording and polite behavior, you can really impact a customers experience and get them to reconsider a bad restaurant visit or turn a good experience into a satisfied customer who adds your restaurant to their daily rotation.

Twitter Promotional Post

Here is an example of a promotional post by Chili's, advertising their appetizer specials for game-day.

This post was re-tweeted by 15 and liked by 51; odds are, several of those people went to the restaurant to enjoy the appetizer specials. Also, after the 15 users re-tweeted it, the post was exposed to every users follower base and increases the odds of more business.

Chili's Instagram Post.png


Another example of a promotional post, except on Instagram this time.

As you can see, an attractive and stunning photo can have great engagements which turn into sales.

Here, you can see a customer at the top saying "This looks so good! Will have to get some on [the] road trip."

This is yet just another example of how social marketing can bring in customers.

engaging with your customer base efficiently

Here, you can see the same post above (posted on Instagram) except this time it is posted on Facebook.

There's an example of a positive and a negative review. By reinforcing and thanking your customers for leaving a good review, you reinforce the positive experience and increase the odds of them returning to your restaurant.

By quickly handling and taking care of any complaints or concerns, you can really impact a customers decision to come back, which can lead to thousands in business from them over the years.

Search Engine and Website Optimization

Chilis Search @ Top.. Twitter High SEO.png

search engine optimization

As you can see, Chili's is the first result when you search for it on Google. This shows high search engine ranking and optimization. When customers or hungry people google for a similar restaurant or a bar and grill, it increases the odds of Chili's being the first result that comes up. 

The "Ad" part is a feature of Google Plus, which is something we do offer in our packages. 

Twitter is second on the search results, after Chili's main website. This is because Twitter has a higher SEO ranking than most websites. Your tweets will pop up when your SEO begins to increase, which is also why managing your Twitter and posting good content frequently is important.

google plus for knowledge bar

When people search for Chili's, a "Knowledge Bar" will also pop up on the right-hand side that gives desktop users access to quick information about your restaurant.

Here, you can list a brief description about your company, important phone numbers, opening to close hours, and popular menu items as well as reviews.

This increases the amount of possible customers who search your restaurant coming in through your door, as any information that they need will be found easily.

When customers struggle to find information about your business, it makes it less likely to come to your business, since they may decide to go elsewhere since it's simply easier.

This can be done by registering for Google Plus and implementing code into your website for Google to utilize and build a knowledge bar for you. You'll also need a higher SEO ranking to accomplish this, and it is something that we can take care of for your business.

Here at the bottom you can see that the social profiles of Chili's are also available to be quickly accessed when people search for the business. This is effective and a great way to promote your social channels.

Chili's Side Bar.png

Chili's Website.png


Chili's optimizes their website by making everything quickly accessible and easy to understand. Once you open the page, you're faced with an attractive photo of food telling you about a lucrative offer they have.

They have a call to action: The "Start Order" button. It is also red, catching your attention quickly.

If you aren't there to order online, you can easily click "Find Your Nearest Location" and check out the menu at the top, or go to Rewards and register for their email marketing list.


Google websites analysis tool

Google offers a page tool that analyzes problems in your mobile and desktop versions of your websites that could be causing you a loss for customers. Scoring high on this is extremely difficult, and Chili's didn't do too well on the mobile and desktop tests, pictured below.

We advise that you do this for your own website. You can perform your own website test here.


Representing your Brand across all platforms and being congruent is very important- it enforces the brand story and shows professionalism. As you can see in the two photos below, Chili's keeps the same profile picture, media handle, header picture, and page "name" all consistent. They also post the same photo and content at the same time across all platforms as you can see underneath the page screenshots.

Below, I also included examples of how you can build customer loyalty by responding to your customers.


Chili's has an excellent social media presence and is converting a large amount of online traffic into real-life sales. This is exactly what we offer for your business. We use only use results-driven strategies with the goal of bringing you additional success. By investing in us, your brand will develop a professional online perception (if it does not already) across all your platforms. Your customers will be treated like family, and we'll do everything in our power to make sure you're succeeding and increasing in revenue.

We recommend that if you're interested that you schedule a free complimentary strategy session and evaluation. We'll do something very similar here, except we'll do it for your page and give you helpful tips on what you can improve.

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