email marketing

Email marketing, known to consumers as "mailing lists," and "newsletters," is a powerful asset that every business can benefit from. The reason email marketing is so valuable to businesses is because it is essentially a contact list of locals who are interested in your business. As time passes, this list can grow from hundreds to thousands, which decreases your marketing costs and can generate thousands of dollars each month if utilized properly. 

We know how to legally run an email marketing list each month, complete giveaways and also provide local customers incentive to sign up to your email marketing list. Not only that, but we know how to develop emails that won't be marked as spam and sent to the junk inbox.

In three months, we generated over 1000 emails for Ula's. In one giveaway, we generated over 100 for Saint Dane's. These will grow over time and be valuable tools accessible to both businesses long after we have stopped marketing for them.

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How do we translate email marketing into sales?

We provide exclusive coupons, offers, discounts, and other incentives to your subscribers in order to have them come visit your business. See examples of the success we've been able to achieve with email marketing campaigns below.


Utilizing giveaways such as these among many other methods, we have had incredible success advertising and convincing people to subscribe to mailing lists.

Then, using emails with incentive (examples below), we've been able to grow all customer social media platforms and generate an incredible amount of sales for businesses.

Email Examples