Interacting with your customers online is a very important thing that many businesses don't do. At the bottom of this page, we have examples of how we've managed customer relations to benefit businesses. But first, it's very important that you understand why customer relations are important.

When a customer interacts with your social media platforms, it is permanently out there for the entire world to see. When a customer messages you and you don't reply, it negatively represents your brand.

If a customer posts on your page or their page about your business, all of their friends and family will see the post over time. If you quickly catch it and interact with it, all of their friends and family will see that as well. You have the power to control your online image and alter customer perceptions of your company through interacting with them.

Therefore if you are currently failing to manage your online platforms and interact with your customers, it is hurting you at this very moment. 

Customer relations don't just include social media management. They also include reviews, which can have a significant impact on your business and in some cases can even lead to a businesses downfall.


  • Reviews are permanent. When someone leaves a review about your business, it will be there for the entire world to see forever. It is better for you that people see you are responding to reviews and taking customer feedback into account.
  • Reviews provide valuable feedback. Through reading reviews, you're seeing your business from your customers perspective. This feedback allows you to understand what is working well for your business and what needs to be worked on.
  • Bad reviews give you an opportunity to save yourself from losing customers. If a customer leaves a bad review, you have an opportunity to reach out to them and make it right. By genuinely apologizing and offering to make it up to them, you can develop a strong relationship with that customer.
  • Consumers absolutely love it when you take the time to admit you made a mistake and show that you care about them. This can turn a customer who planned on never returning to your establishment into a regular customer who tells all of their friends about it. 
  • Good reviews give you an opportunity to reinforce a positive experience. If someone leaves a lengthy review about how incredible your business is and you reach out to thank them, you can develop a strong relationship with them which can lead to them visiting your business again and again.

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"How damaging is 1 Star

You probably already know that reviews influence your customers. Otherwise, why else would you be reading this page when you could be relaxing with an orange mocha or other choice beverage? But you may have some team members who don’t quite understand the significance of reviews. So here are some hard numbers to get everyone on the same page:

The fact that independent studies in a variety of industries have reached similar conclusions is more than coincidence. The bottom line is that your reviews and online reputation impact revenue.

Responding to Reviews Makes a Difference

One of the most effective, organic ways for improving your ratings is by monitoring the review sites and responding to reviewers in a manner that is quick and professional. For negative reviews, responding gives your team the chance to get the reviewer to change, edit or delete their review in addition to winning them back as customers. For positive reviews, responding builds customer loyalty, increases the chance of repeat visits and demonstrates to prospective customers that you are listening.

In either case, engaging customers works in your favor:

“7 in 10 survey respondents indicated that a brand’s response to an online comment changes their perception of a brand, according to a study done by Bazaarvoice .”

Based on conversations we’ve had with businesses, we can confirm these findings. In fact, some Reputology customers have even gone on record to state that they can get 90% of their unhappy customers to change their mind ."