MediaHusky is an online marketing team for businesses who prefer to have their online presence professionally managed in the goal of generating new clients. We specialize in all social media, facebook advertising, email marketing, website development, public & customer relations, brand marketing, direct response marketing, email marketing, google ad-words, graphic design and search engine optimization.

Using a results-driven structure developed backed by millions of dollars of research, we generate new local customers, increase business revenue, and grow your business using the internet. Learn more below.


Social Media Management

We post daily high quality photos to your Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, Google Business, and YELP.
Also, we interact with all customer reviews, comments, and messages quickly and professionally to strengthen customer relationships and get you publicity.

Don't worry about being out of the loop- we always notify you of important matters.


Email Mailing List

Email marketing is a powerful tool because it allows you to maintain a point of contact with your current and potential customers.

You'll be able to email them and market whenever you want about events, specials, or give out coupons.

We have grown lists to thousands over time through giveaways, sign-up lists, and other methods we can integrate for you.

Rest assured as we do it legally to insure that your emails don't go directly to the spam/junk folder.


Locally Targeted Ads

We will analyze your audience and begin to use Facebook Advertising, HTML Pixels and Facebook insights.

We are certified by the Facebook Blueprint Course and have spent thousands marketing for businesses which has helped us develop our marketing tactics.

Using these tactics, we will grow your local following base, drive customers to your business and greatly reduce your advertising costs.


Dedicated Consultant

One consultant will completely manage all aspects of your business while collaborating with everyone in our agency to help achieve success.

Our consultant will develop your marketing plan and a strong relationship with you and your business. This way, you can call and reach them if you need to inform them or discuss anything with them.

Your consultant will meet with you periodically so you always understand what we are working on and what direction we are headed in. They will also manage your social media accounts, create your posts, run your giveaways and all other aspects to insure that they completely understand your business.


Customer Relations

A Harvard study on restaurants showed that a difference of 1 star on reviews can translate to a 9% loss in sales and new customers.

84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Failing to respond to reviews damages your brand because potential customers will read them. We manage customer reviews on all platforms for you and collaborate with you as needed to insure that your online review ratings increase.

We do this by quickly responding to all reviews and resolving customer inquiries, and this represents a very professional brand image to your current customers and locals who come across your reviews.


Website Management

Most people in our modern era will search for businesses on their smart phone. Having a professional website that is mobile optimized and filled with marketing tactics is a must-have for every business.

We can manage and design you a website that is modern, attractive and that utilizes several marketing tactics.

We integrate email marketing, online ordering, coded pixels to track visitors, job applications, menu's, social media accounts, and more.

Don't have a website? We are certified SquareSpace Circle website developers and can develop one from scratch with SquareSpace. 

Public Relations


We develop and maintain well developed relationships with local public relation assets to use to your benefit.

We can have journalists & reporters write articles about your business for organic publicity, collaborate with networking influencers to post to their thousands of followers about your brand, promote brick-and-mortar events and so more.

Once something is online, it's there forever. All articles, posts and comments about your business will be seen for years, establishing your brand image and providing free publicity.

Brand Marketing Campaign

Branding is important so customers recognize your business. We want to understand what image you want your business to represent. Then we will integrate your brand story into our effective marketing plan.

This will result in brand growth and overall business recognition in your local area. You choose what you want to convey online, and we'll make it look as professional and community-oriented as possible.

Search Engine Ranking

Search Engine Ranking is how high you rank when people search for keywords associated with the products you offer. For example, a customer searches on Google "Bars in Austin." The first bar that comes up has Good SEO. This results in free organic traffic to that business.

Search Engines want to connect people with reputable businesses that are professional, respectable and popular.

We raise your SEO by managing your social media daily, updating all online information, contributing organic content, interacting with customers, doing keyword research and having people talk about you online.