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The First Step Towards expanding online

Most businesses today advertise through olden methods such as print advertisements, yelp, radio skits or hosting local events. Although these methods are effective, the most advanced and effective way to market your business in 2017 is through the internet and social media. This is because of how large your potential audience is compared to other platforms.

According to this CNN Article,  Facebook has over 1.9 billion active users.
YouTube has over 1.3 billion. Instagram has over 600 million. & Twitter has over 325 million.

 Most businesses owners do not care to professionally utilize social media as they have not been exposed to the benefits of it. The Internet is a powerful platform that can expose your business to a much larger local audience, which can help you build a follower base, grow an email list, and utilize other tactics to get more customers walking through your doors.


Americans are glued to their phones now more than ever, which means that when they come across your content, you will have their undivided attention and they will be directly engaged with your content. Every business is given an online presence because of the automated services Google and Facebook offer, which means that your business information is already on the internet.

Claiming your business and having updated information on Yelp, Facebook and Google is important to make sure you're easy for locals to find. 

Having a professional online presence with high quality and unique content that is combined with a team to interact with the community is an excellent way to build a positive company reputation. 

On the other hand, if you do not manage your social presence correctly and efficiently, it will make it much more difficult for potential customers to find you or discover you. If the correct business phone number or address isn't easily accessible within a quick google search, most customers would opt to find a business that is more easy and convenient for them to find. 

our Services explained


Social Media Management

Management of your social media, posting high quality photos, and interacting with customers is time consuming.

We will relinquish you of the time needed to do this, and using our previous experience we will insure your online presence is professional and directed towards bringing you more business.

We'll also do research about your audience, give you reports of detailed demographics about your active follower base, and create ads directed at getting you the most engagements.

Website & Online Presence Optimization

Having a professional website that is attractive, loads quickly, and is mobile-optimized is essential.

Today, most people are likely to search for a business on their phone for quick information. Through coding and designing your website to be attractive on mobile as well as desktop, we will insure that you are maximizing the amount of conversions from online visitors to in-store sales.

MediaHusky also does keyword research on your website to make you rank higher when people search for you on Google.
We are ranked on the first page of Google. You can be, too.


Email List & Mobile Marketing

 A valuable tool that a lot of businesses do not benefit from is a customer email list. By growing one, you can develop a connection with customers who have interacted with your business previously. This increases the amount of returned-customers and referrals.

Although it is more difficult to grow, we can efficiently do the same thing with a phone number list, which is much more effective than an email list.

Over time, these will grow to thousands of local connections where you can send specials, coupons, and other events or promotions.

Targeted Advertising & More


We offer research into your local demographics and will develop high quality advertisements directed to target them.

 Specifically, we will create and run Facebook, Google, Instagram, Paid, free, owned, and public advertising to get you publicity and increase sales.

By developing marketing campaigns that will reach thousands of local customers, we can engage them in your business and use proven methods to potentially add them as a long term client.


Developing Your Brand Campaign

Having a story and image to broadcast about your business is a very effective tool at getting customers to come visit your business.

We'll sit down with you and hear the incredible journey that got your business to where it is today, and understand exactly what reputation and image you want your business to have.

We'll share this story with your following base and echo it throughout your social media, leveraging it to make customers feel like your business is more than just the average company.

Analytics & Results

Yelp and other services for online marketing don't offer analytics or detailed results- a much more efficient way to be spending your money is through advertisements that can give you results to analyze.

The information you get helps you target better potential customers and continually better your marketing campaign. Social media is always growing and changing- so we will always adapt your advertisements to get you the most results.

You'll also get detailed ad reports, receive powerful feedback you can use to better your business, and other valuable information you can use to help succeed.

Our Guarantees

"Social media is not helping a company if it's not leading to more sales." - Joe Soto

Cancel Anytime Guarantee



Most social marketing companies will sign you to a long term contract that you cannot get out of. With us. you can tell us you want to cancel at anytime. All we ask is you provide a 30 day notice.



     Money back Guarantee



If you believe that we have not been doing our job or have a honest reason to request a your money back, we'll more than happily refund 2/3 of the amount you paid for the package.

We cannot offer full refunds as we spend a lot of money conducting research and running advertisements for your business.